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The NCFCA currently has a freeze on new member applications while the governing committee reassess the application process. If your application has already been submitted, we will complete the process of reviewing it. If not, please check back later this later this year for updated guidance on how to submit your application. 

If you are a film critic in North Carolina, it’s possible you may receive an invitation from us to join the NCFCA. However, even if you don’t receive an invitation, you’re more than welcome to apply for membership. Here’s what should know if you’re interested in joining the NCFCA.


Must be a working film critic. While we appreciate journalists who report on news, interviews and other film-related features, we are focused on reviews and criticism. To be considered for membership, you must contribute film reviews on a regular basis for your outlet.

Must either be located in North Carolina or contribute work to an outlet that primarily reaches an audience in North Carolina.

We accept print, broadcast, cable and online critics. Critics who contribute to newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites, TV, radio, podcasts and other forms of new media are all welcome to apply. If you’re concerned your outlet might not qualify, feel free to email ncfilmcritics@gmail.com and let us know more about your work.


Please email the following materials and information to ncfilmcritics@gmail.com:

–Name, name of outlet, type of outlet (eg. print, online, podcast, etc.)
–City in which you currently reside
–A brief summary of your qualifications (no more than 500 words)
–A minimum of 5 samples of your film reviews/criticism (we accept URLs or clips in .DOC or .PDF format)

–Please let us know if you are accredited with Allied-THA.

–Please let us know if you have been accredited to attend any film festivals in the last three years. If you have, please let us know which one(s).


It may take a few weeks for all the members of the Executive Committee to look over your application.

If a majority of the executive officers are against the application, membership will be denied. If the executive officers are unanimous in their agreement that membership should be granted, the application will be accepted. If a majority of the executive committee is in favor of the application but the vote is not unanimous, the application will be presented to the full membership for a vote. If two-thirds of the membership votes in favor of the application, membership will be granted.


Membership will be renewed automatically every year unless a member voluntarily rescinds his or her membership, stops meeting membership qualifications or fails to participate in a mandatory vote. The Executive Committee may also require a member in good standing to reapply. The Executive Committee may immediately revoke membership for actions deemed unprofessional or detrimental to the NCFCA. Such a finding must be unanimous.

Members in good standing are responsible for ensuring that the Executive Committee has current contact information, including e-mail, phone, and a shipping address. This information will not be published at the site, but is necessary in case any marketing representatives wish to send us screeners.

The NCFCA does not currently collect dues from its members.

Updated: April 2020